Important Steps to Start Your Wedding Planning
January 2, 2017

“I’m Engaged!….Now what?” | Most Important Steps to Start Your Wedding Planning

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According to a new poll 33% of people surveyed said that Christmas Eve was the most popular day to propose. New Years Eve came in second at 19%. So if you got that ring you were hoping for this holiday season, you probably weren’t alone!

Now that you’ve posted the “ring selfie” on Facebook and let all your friends and family know that you’re engaged you might be asking yourself “What now?” Once you actually sit down and start to think about the wedding planning process, things start to get a little stressful. But fear not! This post is all about helping you figure out what to do now that you’re engaged!

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Step 1: Relax and enjoy yourselves!

It’s really easy to get swept up in all the stress and anxiety that might come with planning a wedding, but it’s important to remember to relax and just enjoy your time as an engaged couple. You have to make time for yourselves (both together and apart) so you can unwind and not worry so much about the planning process. For example after getting all fancy and dressed up for your engagement shoot, go out for a nice dinner and make a date out of it!

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Step 2: Pick a date/Choose a venue

So now that you’re engaged you might start thinking about when and where you’d both like to tie the knot. A lot of couples choose their date then find the perfect venue. However it doesn’t always work out so smoothly. Wedding venues can be booked up months, even years in advance especially if you want to have your wedding on a Saturday. The easiest way to pick your date is to find your perfect venue first then choose your date based off of the venues availability. This method might not be for everyone, but if your wedding date is something that you’re flexible on this could make things a lot easier for you.

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Step 3: Choose your vendors

As with wedding venues, most other wedding vendors (photographers, videographers, DJs, etc.) can book very early in advance. It’s important to make sure that you book vendors like these first as most photographers, videographers, or DJ’s only work one wedding per day. Vendors like florists, hair stylists, and make up artists often have a whole team of people that make working multiple weddings possible so okay to book with them last.

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Most importantly, you have to do what feels right for you and your fiance! There is no right or wrong way to plan a wedding. And remember, if you ever feel lost or confused during the process, there’s always Pinterest!

Important Steps to Start Your Wedding Planning

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