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Oh Snap! Photography is made up of a team of 2 photographers serving the Northern California region. We specialize in wedding and engagement photography and we love working with couples that want beautiful and modern wedding photography without any of the stress. Our style of photography is photojournalistic with a strong focus on romantic portraits. That means we love documenting your wedding as it unfolds and re-telling your love story in a way that’s true to you. We also strive to capture all the pretty, tiny details that make your wedding so unique and fun!

Over the years, we’ve photographed many different types of weddings from grand catholic weddings to small, intimate backyard get togethers. We’ve also been featured both online and in print and for the past 4 years we’ve worked with the American Cancer Society to photograph the Sacramento Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk.

We know it sounds totally cheesy, but we feel really blessed to do what we love and we couldn’t dream of doing anything else. We can’t wait to meet with you and your fiancé to discuss your wedding!




Hi there! I’m Adrienne and I’m the lead photographer here at Oh Snap! Photography . I’ve had a camera in my hands for as long I can remember! I started professionally shooting weddings in 2010 along with my business partner and best friend, Dani. When I’m not working, I can usually be found relaxing on my couch playing video games or watching some of my favorite movies. I’m a huge fan of anything zombie related (and I may be a little obsessed with The Walking Dead).

I’ve been told that I’m a huge goofball and I embrace that wholeheartedly! Life is no fun if you have to be serious all the time! I’m a firm believer in living life to it’s fullest and having the most fun that you can.

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Hello! My name is Dani and I’d love to take pictures for you. As a kid I didn’t realize that my obsession for disposable cameras would blossom into something productive but here we are. I prefer Nikon gear and I have a weird habit of giving tons of positive praise to whoever we’re working with. As the person who would rather never be in front of the camera I know how awkward it can be. Therefore I try to make the setting as humorous and easygoing as possible.

Aside from being a photographer, I very much enjoy movies and television. My bedroom is home to a shamefully large collection of DVDs. As such I tend to speak in quotes, most of them used to get people to laugh. I’m a firm believer that you can’t take life too seriously. I’m also very fond of music. I find it’s very relaxing and it helps me think. Trust me, my scattered brain needs all the help it can get sometimes.

But enough about me. I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story!

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